Why have a blog?

Obviously, the goal of a blog is to share some information with an audience. But since I don’t actually have an audience, why am I blogging? My main goal with this is to be able to think creatively about a topic. I’m interested in plenty of things, so I need some help focusing sometimes. Having to write a post should help me concentrate on my topic, at least I think. I hope to become a better writer along the way as well.

Then why publish it? My thinking there is, the idea that someone might read this will help me organize my ideas. But also, maybe one day I can look back and realize how foolish I was or maybe I’ll look back and share the same beliefs. Either way, sharing my thoughts seems like a good idea that I won’t regret in the future. I think I’ll do more of it.

TLDR. I have a blog to explore my curiosity and think creatively.